Law Office Design Ideas

By Aviva Lee, eHow Contributor

Law Office Design Ideas |

Execute excellent interior design for the law office.

Appropriate office design can attract clients. The converse is true also, especially in today’s world. From the reception room to the inner office to the conference room to the private facilities, all law offices must have a well-planned design theme. A potential client’s first impression may well determine if they write a check for a retainer fee or keep on looking for another attorney. Make certain that the office encourages client retention and repeat business. One of the essential keys to accomplish that is appropriate office design.

Reception Area Details

  • Put potential clients at ease as soon as they enter the reception room. Avoid group seating. Buy individual, sturdy side chairs and arm chairs. Develop an eclectic set of at least eight chairs. Upholster the seats in a high quality fabric that reflects the tastes of the law firm. Provide a few tables in the room with engaging reading material that the client will not find at home. Select artwork that establishes the subliminal thought of reliability. Avoid ostentatious design that causes a client to think their fee will pay for the firm’s next vacation.

Private Offices

  • The first thing a knowledgeable potential client will look for in a private office is a jurist degree. Display all law degrees on the wall that the client will face during the consultation. Use more comfortable seating in the private office than that in the reception room. Provide a small sofa and coffee table if the room is large enough for group consultations when the conference room is occupied.

Conference Room

  • Situate the conference room on the side of the building without street noise. The largest table available which the room can accommodate is the best anchor for the conference room. Install windows across the wall with the best view, and leave them curtain less. Employ the best technology that the budget will allow for the conference room. Line at least one wall with books pertaining to law. Use a built-in bookcase for their display. Outfit the room with discreet media hardware such as a large plasma screen for those cases that need to be reviewed by the entire firm. Provide unused electrical connection and Internet connection points for visiting attorneys and others.
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