Case Study: York University

Name: York University
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Work Environment: Occupied
Organization Type: Education

The Aboriginal Services at York University was created to provide culturally-appropriate support services to the Aboriginal student population; academic advice and personal counseling; liaison and provide advocacy and referrals to on/off-campus resources; liaison with First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations; seek information about educational assistance opportunities, funding procedures and guidelines; and provide education and awareness regarding Aboriginal culture, issues and services to all students, faculty and staff.

This was a unique project for COREPLAN working with the Aboriginal offices in York Lanes. The goal was to delivery a space that incorporated of aboriginal images into a modern functional facility. Although the project had some standard construction items such as drywall partitions, painting, mechanical and electrical modifications, one of the most creative and challenges pieces of the project was the carving of  Aboriginal eagle into sliding pocket  wood doors. The main reception area is accentuated with a wood cedar ceiling,  to compliment the wood cedar walls and ceiling in the boardroom. Glass display cases, built-in lockers and a two –dimensional aboriginal painting on the polished concrete floor gave the space it’s finishing touches.

Control. Manage. Execute.